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The Student Action Council exists to empower students across the United States to organize and speak to their local school boards to ensure education in regards to diversity, ethnic studies, sex education, historical oppression and LGBT issues remain free of censorship.

Our Target Issues.

The Student Action Council has identified the following five issues as being pressing to address at the school board level, due to increased efforts to censor or ban education around these topics.

About Student Action Council


Student Action Council exists to organize,  educate and empower students to get involved in their local school boards to promote social justice issues in the school community and in the classroom.

Who We Are

Student Action Council is run entirely by high school students, with an advisory board made up of professional and expert voices from various fields of study. Click below to learn more about our team.

Hands Up


We could use help in the following ways:

Write position papers: We need help writing resources and scripts that students can access and use to help guide their own activism locally. You don't have to be a professional writer to help with this!

Join our leadership team. We need student leaders to help in various roles.
Start a local chapter: We also need student leaders to start chapters at their own school.

Adult advisors: We need adults to com alongside our student leaders and offer support and guidance.

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